Live healthy


We guide people in search of a holistic health comprehension to medical, therapeutic, social and spiritiual solutions.

Every ailment an every symptom lies only on the surface.

There is a high purpose of finding the root of pain, chronic suffering and acute diseases.

To process the root causes is the goal of the team at the Heilhaus. Respectful and cautios togetherness offers a healing space for people in the future.

We start with theme evenings, workshops and weekend seminars.

A half-year plan 2016 will shortly be available on this Website.

The therapists at the Heilhaus can be booked individually or upon arrangement with Mrs. Drexler, can be put together in an intensive short therapy.

We work in the areas of

  • Raising consciousness
  • holistic health concepts for regeneration and healing
  • quick, unbureaucratic help
  • mediaton of experienced therapists
  • Day - Weekend short cures

Kind regards,

Karin Drexler